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OK, did the last 20 rep DL day today. I used my fake trap bar set up and went for with the weight. Upped it to 160 then 170, and for fun added a third set at 210. The third set was for as many reps as I could handle. I got 10 before grip and hams said, "enough."
I followed this scheme with the rest of the lifts and was pleasently surprised. Got a third set of 20 using 30lbs for the seated military press; got a third set of split squats (barefooted to the pleasure of those around me) with 25lbs for 10 reps per leg; got a third set of 13 pull overs with 22.5 in each hand. I decided to do this after talking with Dan John about his experiences with Afterburn. He told me that he likes to tinker with chains and bands and such, so I took that and put my spin on it

I think I owe him money now.

Finally, when I left the gym on a DL day, I felt as if I left it all in the gym and I wasn't hurt. A plus all around.

On Thursday, I'll start phase II of the program.
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