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Don Stevenson
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I write a lot of programs for military guys from pre enlistment to SF selection and I definitely agree that Strongman training is ideal for military personnel HOWEVER I don't think it's an either/or proposition.

There is a place in military conditioning programs for basic barbell work, olympic lifting, kettlebells, CrossFit, distance running and pack marching and strongman training.

I always like to start people off with a base of basic deadlifting, overhead pressing and squats plus CF work and then as they advance we add strongman training.

I'd agree with Arden that doing efforts of things like tyre flipping, carries, overhead work etc in the area of 90 second efforts is an excellent functional fitness builder for military people and indeed the Australian army (and I'm sure many other armies worldwide) use a lot of lift and carry stuff in their PT.

It's funny that this came up because I'm actually right in the middle of writing an article for a local military magazine and it's on strongman training!

I'll post a link to it here once it's done for comment.
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