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"Combat" fit is great. But "combat" fit people already pass the test regardless, and those engaged in real combat stay fit by doing their job, not by working out with a program. You don't stay fat with the high level of energy used by a combat troop.

My guess is anyone capable of doing 100's of push-ups can handle most real-world situations unless their only ability is to do push-ups. I do the CA WODs and can handle 7gs like its nothing. My metcon is the stuff Greg provides. I personally think the CA WODs are excellent for my job (pilot) because my job actually does the rest of what I need physiologically, and the CA WOD provides the strength component with some 5-10 min metcons thrown in. Most of the deployment injuries in the Air Force anyways are back related, and more often than not related to incorrect lifting. Teaching people to lift things from the ground to shoulder height (basically a power clean) would do plenty as far as the lifting is concerned.
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