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I had some luck at maintaining run fitness with very limited running. I will do two interval runs and a sprint session. Intervals consist of quarter mile or half mile intervals with a short rest period. You can do these on a track or the treadmill to controll pace. I will do no more than 6 quarter mile intervals or 3 half mile intervals. I can go from zero running for months to an 8:45 Navy PRT run (1.5 miles) in just 2-3 weeks with that simple protocol. You might consider two, short interval sessions and the ruck march (in place of the sprinting).

If it were me, I would do the above and scale down the METCON while continuing to work strength and rings. Your focus is all over the place and it will be hard to improve at all of those things at once. I would pick two things at a time (i.e., strength plus run/ruck) plus some non-physically demanding skill work (i.e., light OLY lifting for form) and focus on that.

METCON is easier to gain than strength. It is easier to put METCON on top of good strength than it is to put good strength on top of METCON. In other words, I would train the strength stuff and add the runs/rucks and do limited METCON. You can add that in later and quickly catch up.

Just my $.02.

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