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WOW. I talked a bunch with Fred after Dr' Eades posted a link to the Metabolic Control Analysis article we did with Dr. Seyfried. Fred had a slew of question pertaining to intermittent fasting and training in general. Fred is a good guy but I'd put him in the camp of the Last HIT Jedi's. SlowBurn (Fred's 'system") is better than sitting on the couch but in comparison to Devany's old stuff, CrossFit, Kettbells, Ross's work...Olifting...shoveling gravel!

I don't know, to each their own I guess but it is eerie to see someone SO focused on aesthetics when there is a 60 year old woman in the house that can wax your ass. Hang around some lifters and fighter long enough and you make few assumptions based on appearance...although i think Fred WAS int TaeKwanDo....
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