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Steve Shafley
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Sometimes I just have to "flex". This is one of the times.

The IGx forums are really insular with a bizarre range of insider jokes that run through the whole thing. Because much of the time I'm not interested in hashing out a 5x5 cycle, or talking about setting up in the squat, or interested in discussing Westside Barbell anymore, I tend to participate in the skewed, off-topic stuff.

I took this opportunity to make fun of the goofy ad copy of the "inner circle" folks, and to just generally be a dick.

The thread was inspired by an accusation made by Dan Bescher (Garm) towards Jack Myers (RKC) that a few years back Jack followed Garm into the bathroom at some kettlebell event to watch him pee, multiple times. I am almost 100% certain that the accusation is just a ploy to agitate Jack, but Garm's kept building it up until he makes regular "Jeek Hating" posts.
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