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Ronnie Ashlock
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Shaf... I was crying reading that thread... tears are still drying on my cheek.

I'm new to Irongarm. I remember somebody mentioning IGx about a year ago when there was the Perfect Storm going on a certain other message board (i.e. "Reverse Magic Manna"), but never bothered to look it up until you posted the link a week or two ago in regards to the Cotter kettlebell coup. I clicked on it and have ever since been sucked into the twisted world of IGx. Over a period of three days, I couldn't stop clicking and reading all the various insanity posted over there. By far, the single most entertaining board I've seen. You really have to read the volume of posts by some of the 'regulars' to truly savor what you accomplished with your JH vs. NSSJH thread.

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