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Jay Cohen
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IMO; way to much w/u with light weight, not enough work at your workset.

Look at the SS program for rips warmup and work set method.

Rip also suggests that you do only one set of 5 at your workweight. Not that you couldn't do a 5 x 3 or even a 5x5, but the point is.

For a 225 workset, I do a set of 5 with bar, 5 x 95, 3 x 135, 2 x 185 then nail 5 x 225, I also the DL at the end of W/O, which starts with squat, then press, end with DL. so my back is pretty warm and ready to go.

Most people do way to many warm up sets, then are pooped for the worksets.

You want to build more speed and endurance, add Powercleans.

Just my two cents
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