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Originally Posted by Steve Kaspar View Post
i have 1 day a week to do this exercise, so i try to combine endurance as well as strength.
i'd drop that and do one or the other...nothing magic just chasing two rabbits at once.

Originally Posted by Steve Kaspar View Post
i warm up with 10 reps 60#, another set of 10 with 100#. then go to 150# 20 reps, then 170# 10 reps, then 200# 5 reps, 200# 5 reps again, then 220# a single, then 230# a single.
if you are doing this for endurance..don't. I'd do times sets of DL at a medium heavy weight keeping the reps low (<5) or do a straight DL session.

if you are doing this because you need a longer warm up that's fine.. some of us need long warm ups... here's what i do.

1. KB swings and snatches. on and off for 5 min.
(DB snatches work fine..db swings are IMO ungainly and stupid.)

2. rest a few min and then, progressive pulls
cleans, a set of 2-3
hi pulls a set of of 2-3
a dl with hard shrug once set of 3.

3. a couple of light dl's at 60ish percent maybe with a little shrug at the top but if not, no big deal. a double at 75%, a single at 85% and then>

4.a couple singles. maybe three sets max, at 90% OR if you like big 5's, one set of 5 at 80-85%

if this isn't enough volume, you can always hit a couple back off sets of 8 with RDL's. If you are worried about too much DL volume I'd reduce the vol. above one quarter and do be more efficient in the warmup.

I do this exact routine on after squatting often replacing the top set of DL with three sets of increasingly heavy RDL's, I feel stronger when I'm done than when I started. I try to hit everything snappy and fast....speed over load.
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