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January 5 - 11
Started gradually lowering calory intake towards the end of the week. Lots of Red Bull, though. This week marks the end of this strength cycle. If I were to keep going, pretty much every lift would be close to a max effort and I don't want to do that to my back, yet. Trying to be smart about it. Next week I'll ease up into a metobolic conditioning cycle with a few light workouts while still lowering calorie intake.

Low-Bar Bacl Squat: 3x5x117.5kg (PR for 5s (3s as well))
Bench Press (Volume): 5x5x90kg
Deadlift (Hook grip): 5x135kg
Squats were solid.


Front Squat: 3x5x90kg (Tied PR for 5s)
Push Jerk: 1x50kg, 1x60kg, 1x70kg, 1x75kg, 1x80kg
Deadhang Pull-up: 8, 8, 6
Bench Press (Recovery, paused): 2x5x70kg
Romanian Deadlift: 3x8x60kg
Push jerk didn't feel aggressive enough. Shoulder flexibility is preventing me from having a solid catch position, so I can't drive very far down. Could have gone heavier, but didn't want to push it until I have the flexibility issues covered.
Pull-ups were sucky. A couple of months ago I could do 15 deadhangs.
Romanian deadlifts fucked up my back. But in a good way, totally muscular.


Low-bar Back Squat (Recovery): 2x5x90kg
Bench Press (Intensity): 10x3x60kg (on-the-minute speed sets)
Push Press: 1x60kg, 1x70kg, 0x80kg, 0x75kg, 1x72.5 (PR)
Knees-to-elbows: 3x10
Back Extension: 3x10
Push press was gay. Got a bit greedy. Did 3x70kg last spring at a body weight of 75kg, so I thought I'd be able to get it up. Especially since my push jerk at 80kg felt easy. Bad day I guess.
Doing slow, controlled back extensions keeps making my spinal erectors feel like they're on fire. In a good way... I hope.

Body Weight: 84.25kg
Body Fat (according to this): 23%
I have a message for Dr. Sears on the off-chance he ends up reading this: FUCK YOU.
That body fat calculator is crappy waste of time (anyone who may be reading this know of a better one that only requires a measuring tape and a scale?). I know I've been going heavy on the milk, Red Bull and shit, but according to this I have LESS lean body mass than when I was 70.0kg. LESS. That measurement was with the SAME calculator, so no different measurements excuse.
Fuck you, Dr. Sears. Fuck you in the ass.
That is all.

Back feeling pretty good - abs sore as fuck.

Low-bar Back Squat (1RM): 1x130kg, 0x145kg, 1x140kg (PR)
Bench Press (1RM): 1x100kg
Shoulder Press (1RM): 1x55kg, 1x60kg
Deadlift (1RM): 1x140kg, 1x160kg (PR), 1x170kg (PR)
Abs still sore for knees-to-elbows, unfortunately.
Okay... Back squat felt very disappointing. I was expecting AT LEAST 145kg. I went to fast down, got stuck in the hole and couldn't get up again. Then, I kind of struggled with 140kg. Decided to call it quits and not try 145kg again in order to spare my back.
My buddy got the squats on video on my cell phone, was going to post them and get some comments on form, but the quality is kind of crappy, so I don't think I will.
Struggled with 100kg on the bench. 105kg PR one month ago. Chalk it up to a bad day, I guess.
Shoulder press, again struggling with something that should feel light, having done 3x5x55kg a little over a week ago. Bad day?
Deadlifts felt AWESOME, however. I was nervous about getting 160kg up, but it just kind of flew up, seemingly by itself. Real smooth. Then I said hey, fuck it, and put another 5kg on each side. Went up. Wasn't too pretty. If I would have been smart I would have dropped it to protect my back, but I didn't. I pulled it up, and lowered it again. This is a 30kg PR. That's 66lbs for you non-SI literate folks. Surprised me, especially considering the awful performance on the other lifts.
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