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rant, and everyone else
as always, thanks for the replies.
grant, your not being rude at all. hell, i listen to everyones opinions.. usually, if i ask 1 question, i get 10 different reoplies. i try to use all replies to see what works for me. in a years time, if you get a few good pointers out of lots of questions you ask, all the books you read, and all the internet surfing you do, your doing very good.... i have 48 years of training in me and i still ask questions. there are always new exercises to try, as the old school way isnt always the best.... most of the time it is, but its great hearing from younger guys, giving their opinions.
i try new things that may not work for the traditional powerlifter/bodybuilder or CF guy, and they may not want to train my way either, but then their not racing 80 mile road races... i see some of my younger competitors at mile 70 of a 90 mile road race and they are all over their bike, struggling... all the heavy training, or rep training i do year round makes my body relaxed at this point in a race.
as far as abs, hell i got a great 6 pack. i'm 6' 145#, but always wanted a better one...
there is a fine line in getting bigger and stronger in cycling, as i have seen a few of my own friends, one that placed very high in nationals this past year, struggle big time and get dropped on the 3-4-5 mile climbs.. we cant have it all. track racers look like arnold, and are good at track explosive racing, and guys like me are ok at road races. i have been 6' 145 my whole life...
it be nice to look like arnold, run like carl lewis, be as strong as bill kazmier, cycle like lance, get the babes john holmes got, but i just try to improve at what i currently do..
i thank you and all others on the board for the help and replies.
i'll have more questions... we all want to get better.
thanks again
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