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I agree with the simple approach. Scrap all the metcon stuff, totally unnecessary. Remember, if what you are doing isn't getting you closer to your goals, then it's moving you further away. You've specified a goal: compete in this meet, in BP, BS and Clean.

I think if you want to train more frequently than 3 times a week you may need to be a little creative with your exercise choices to avoid burning out, but just training those movements regularly with basic periodisation to set you up for the meet would serve you well.

As far as sets and reps go, 3-5 of 3-5 sounds good for squats and bench, but I'd probably keep it as doubles and singles for the clean. I don't see the point in doing greater than that often; you get tired and technique goes to ratshit fast. Work up to 2-4 heavy singles; doing your technique work as your warm-up (tall cleans etc).

For assistance work go for scap circuits and glute activation. This will keep your body healthy without crushing you with volume. Stretch and foam roll after every session. Let us know how it goes!
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