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Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post

As for BCAAs, it depends on your program and your diet. If you're Zoning, you might want to add them, regardless of program. If you're doing CF, you would probably benefit from them but don't need them. If you're doing anything else that involves daily weights, then thrown em down.
What if I was doing something that involved daily bodyweights??? I'm currently on a gymnastic-focused plan for a while.

Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
Yeah, he's cool with PWO shakes, but I think he's an Essential Amino guy.

Gant made a good point though that if you're hypocaloric with less than 1gr. of Protein/lb of LBM, then BCAAs are critical. People start Zoning and wonder why their back squat falls by 35%...
I'm already getting at least that much protein daily, around 150g on rest days (from all whole foods) and 200g on work days(extra 50g's comes from pwo shake), and I weigh around 140, but if I was looking for more protein, would BCAA's not be the way to go? What about EAA's?
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