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So in other words -

"Yeah, we mess up a lot, and sometimes the engines we make explode, but it's all for the best since we learn from our mistakes and get better. And we will continue to learn from our mistakes."

And that's supposed to make me want to buy a Honda car?

As for the Edison reference, that example is overused in the extreme. Yes, his trial-and-error methods are nice for the whole "If at first you don't succeed, nado, nado..." cliche, but I much prefer the Tesla model, which uses less trial, less error, and more intelligence, study, AC, and radio.

Edison did teach us how to properly outdoor barbecue an elephant, though. That's cool, even if he only did so to try and discredit the competition (that won out in the end anyways). I wonder how good elephant meat is... they're kind of like large pigs, so...

And what about this quote from him - "Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration."

That's not a very good description of genius, but interestingly, it is a reasonably accurate description of Crossfit, which itself could be said to be partially genius, and works along the lines of most proper exercise research which actually uses a lot of trial and error, which would seem to help prove Edison's point, except for the fact that exercise science doesn't work quite the same way as other sciences tend to.

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