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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
I don't see any negative impact from undereating on an irregular basis.

When I do it, it typically involves skipping lunch (which reduces my calorie intake by probably 1/3 that day). I only eat breakfast on the weekends.

I try not to undereat on my heavy training days (esp. protein) or I don't recover well.
I hear ya about on heavy training days. If youre going to do these types of fasts, you should probably do them on days youre resting.

But, I think more importantly is how youre getting those 800 calories. If its all clean folliage and some protein it should work well. Every once in awhile, ill just eat a lot of vegetables and not really be up for much else, so ill have a few eggs and milk.

Once that passes, which it will easily, man do you feel clean.
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