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Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
we'll have to agree that you didn't get it....

I am of course biased, I have great admiration for Soichiro Honda and his rise from a rinky dink moped maker totally dominating whichever motorsport has caught his eye... an using what is learned on the track to build what is hands down the most successful motorcycle company in the world...

the cross fit analogy that makes sense is hip hop....if you hybridize and borrow and dumb down enough good things, you'll eventually come up with a sort of new thing.
I'm not saying that Honda isn't necessarily almost a good company. Edison was also a non-terrible inventor. What I'm saying is that I'll much sooner side with the company that tends not to mess up very often over the company that got where it is through significant trial and error. I'd prefer not to be a part of that "error" if at all possible. Furthermore, that video looked suspiciously like a foreshadowing of unexplained explosions, gas fumes, ozone layer disruption, general chaos, and Tom Cruise.

The humorous alternative meaning to "inspiration," coupled with the word "perspiration" and relating to metcon, was the reason for my final statement. Therefore, the Crossfit analogy was more similar to the unsensical ramblings of a mad genius than it was to a hamburger.
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