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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
The taste of BCAA combo powders was one major reason I'm interested in leucine by itself...I don't know how true the T-Nation marketers are, but they said their leucine (by itself) doesn't change the flavor of things it is added to much if at all...

Nothing is good for you if you can't manage to get it past your taste buds...
L-leucine, is L-luecine is L-leucine, i have tried a few varities, some from as well as T-nations L-Leucine, it tastes like complete trash haha, but you just have to man up. The best way to take it is get some water in your mouth like your going to gargle mouthwash after brushing your teeth, and then put a scoop in there then drink a bunch of water to wash it down. Since the BCAA's when coming into contact with water usually like to float on the top, the water under it will keep it from touching your tounge.. Its alot like taking a shot. (the right way).
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