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Originally Posted by Jeff Yan View Post
Any idea where I might be able to get access to this Robb Wolf interview?

And to clarify, I'm talking about what Derek is saying. While Sears recommends many meals every few hours, I'm talking about maintaining zone proportions and eating all your daily blocks within your IF eating window.

In theory, yes I can see how it can be done. But have a lot tried it? I'm curious to know the results, but I'm also a little surprised that I haven't seen more about it.
Yes, it's possible. Yes, the others are right as far as timing technicalities, etc.

You haven't seen a lot about it because the simplicity of IF is the antithesis of Zone OCD. I did a little bit of it (it was fine because I ate mostly fruit to begin with), but I got tired of looking like I had just been liberated from a prison camp. I would not do this without increasing protein blocks and adding BCAAs.

I suppose one nice benefit of this protocol would be enhanced protein utilization. This might help the .7 multiplier people keep from wasting away.
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