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Originally Posted by Jeff Yan View Post
Any idea where I might be able to get access to this Robb Wolf interview?

And to clarify, I'm talking about what Derek is saying. While Sears recommends many meals every few hours, I'm talking about maintaining zone proportions and eating all your daily blocks within your IF eating window.

In theory, yes I can see how it can be done. But have a lot tried it? I'm curious to know the results, but I'm also a little surprised that I haven't seen more about it.
1) I'm going to respectfully disagree with Mike OD and suggest Paleo first. Doing that alone should help reign in insulin levels. Small steps, but he's the one with more experience working with people, and as such likely knows something I don't. Just my two cents on that one.

2) Zone is as much about a careful ratio for caloric restriction as anything. It claims to be about insulin control, which it is, but not due to a magic ratio... if you eat less, you tend to pump less insulin. Unless you're eating nothing but table sugar for your calories (I think we all agree that's pretty stupid).

I personally think that filling in about half your blocks with yams or sweet potatoes PWO is a fine idea. I did this, as per Robb Wolf and liked it. Then I decided it was time to mass gain.. and I ate everything in sight.

3) The Robb Wolf interview is in the CF videos and interviews on the main site.
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