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Andrew Ager
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FL: 5 minutes of practice. Man, is my upper body weak.

PP: 105x5x3
Overhead squat: this is totally new for me, and the overhead stuff is my serious weak point right now. So, did two rounds with an 18 lb. "Body Bar," another 2 witha 24-pounder, just to get the feel of the movement. 2 more with an empty bar, then ramped slowly to 60 pounds, 5 pounds up at a time. That felt about right for a start.

metcon: Diane

195 lb. deadlifts
pike pushups

I know, I know, scale reps before weight ... but 225 wasn't going to come off the ground in that kind of volume today. Probably could have done this with 205 just as well, but I'm still kind of figuring out where I am right now.
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