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Ari Kestler
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Warmed up with some PVC and DROM, which will probably be standard... I think on days where we do a lot of specific Olifts I'll warm up with burgeners warm up... on other days I'll try and incorporate a few CF exercises that I am trying to improve on... (double unders, HSPU, Muscle up progressions, high rep push ups, dips, GHD stuff, ice cream makers, frogstands...)

* Mid-hang muscle snatch - 75# x 3 x 3
* 2-position clean (floor, mid-thigh) + 2 jerk - 135# x 4 sets

Cleans felt good, but I did a couple extra sets because the first few were power cleans since I can't read right...

10-16-20 reps for time:
KB swings - 30% BW
KB clean + 2 push press (each side) - 30% BW

Did this with a 1.5pood....brutal...only did 1 push press on the 20 rep round, shoulders were fried... took me 11:04...Hopefully the swings weren't meant to be one handed as I was using both...
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