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More stuff!

I've just got the mats laid out that like that until I can get around to making an actual platform. The York bar is nice. There are a few small dings in it, but the knurling is mostly intact in the outer edges (where the bench supports are, and where most bars feel slick as ice). Naturally, I've put some athletic tap on the rack to prevent the knurling from wearing down further. Paid $200 for the rack, and while I know I'll have to upgrade eventually, it'll suffice for now. It's about 6.5' tall with 1' spotter bars. I didn't realize it was that small from the ad posted on it, but now I'm sort of glad it was, since anything slightly bigger wouldn't have fit in my car. I jumped around a bit on the spotter bars, and they didn't flex at all (~200lbs bodyweight), so I figure they can hold a 405lb squat, which is all I'll be needing for the next year. It also has the locking saber-style spotter bars and bar-pins I like.

When I go to upgrade, I'll look into buying something from the big-brand names.

The Concept 2 bungee was loose, and still is a bit, even after I cut it down by about 2 feet, but I'll replace it soon. Only costs $5 to do it.

Derek, sorry for the thread hijack. I'm just a bit overenthusiastic.
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