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What are your current numbers and experience in these 3 lifts? How about training experience?

I'm going to chime in that I think you need a bit more frequency in the lifts than once a week. You have basically 8 weeks of triaining and then 1 backoff week prior to your competition right? Having a set date will help you backwards plan your programming better as no one should go balls out 1-2 weeks within a comp.

I would definitely bench more than twice a week, even if it's variations of the bench. How is your bench press form? Rip's videos in regard the the form were great and helped me rework my bench some, the things I always try to cue myself before a lift is upper back tight and set, lower back arched w/ ass on bench, leg drive.

Scap circuiting as someone else mentioned is stuff like scap pushups, wall slides, neutral grip face pulls...etc.

Your revised template:

Mon: Light clean technique work, abs
Tues: Rest
Wed: Front Squat, Pull ups or rows
Thur: Rest
Fri: Bench, abs
Sat: Back Squat, Clean
My variation of what you have down:
Mon - clean technique work, back squats , romanian deadlifts + 1 ab superset
Tue - rest
Wed - flat bench, row variations, extra volume to strengthen triceps a few sets of dips...etc whatever, ab circuit
Thu - rest
Fri - cleans, front squats, some single leg stuff + PC stuff(GHR's, pullthroughs, good mornings...etc)
Sat. - pullups, bench variation(DB's, or close grip...etc), single arm row varations

With all this stuff being said, it is only ~9 weeks away and depending on your training age Gavin's approach or rather Bill Starr's approach might be best.
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