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Joe Birch
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Not had access to the internet for the last few days so a bit of catch up!

Tuesday (13/1/09):

3 rounds of 400m row, 10 box jumps (30"), 5 clapping press ups.
Time: 9:37

Thought this workout would take me around 10mins so it worked nicely for my first bit of conditioning for a very long time! The rowing took me a total of just under five minutes and the press ups were fine so it was the time i took to recover from the row before the box jumps that slowed me! Needless to say I felt pretty horrendous after this, took me at least 3 times the workout to recover, hovering around the toilet!

P.S. Height 170cm, weight 80.5kg (done on tuesday).
5rep max's (will do my CFT on Saturday): Squat 120kg, Press 55kg, DL 160kg.
First time i do fran i'll probably have to do jumping pull ups and potentially scale down the thruster weight we'll see.
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