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Default Catching Bar on Back for Jerks, etc.

Is there any special "technique" to catching the bar on my back for repeated power jerks? Other than absorbing the impact with your knees and hips which is a given. Or does it simply take practice?

I am just worried I am going to injure myself. I dropped a couple times and nearly thought I was going to rip my shoulder out of the socket. Other times I catch it perfect in the high bar back squat position.

I think I am paranoid I will drop the bar on my head so sometimes and as a result I lean too far forward and end up doing like a good morning/Squat type thing to catch it and get it back up. I actually think if I would just stand more upright and let the bar straight down I do pretty good.

I ask because I have been doing this workout lately where 1 clean + 1 Split Jerk + 2 back power Jerks + 1 Clean constitutes a set. I've been using 205lbs. If I miss catching the bar on my back it blows my whole set.
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