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Default Balancing Barbell Strength with Bodyweight Endurance

I'm by no means an impressively strong guy, but I am more than familar with barbells. However, my numbers for things like pushups and situps sucks. I attempted to spend some time working on that alone, bought Never Gymless but kept getting increasingly bored with it, I miss heavy weights. I need to improve my numbers at least a little bit. I'm trying to become a police officer and most academies do test you on pushup, situp, and (sometimes) pullup numbers; along with running distance.

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on mixing the two strength methods properly. My first thought was a program like:

Monday: Strength 1
Tuesday: Endurance Resistance
Wednesday: No 'strength work'
Thursday: Strength 2
Friday: Endurance Resistance

Strength 1 would be:
Front Squat 3x5
Dumbbell Bench Press 3x5
Deadlift 3x5
Weighted Pullups 3x5
Overhead Walk (holding heavy dumbells over my head)

Strength 2 would be:
Overhead Squat 3x5
Dumbbell Military Press 3x5
Power Clean 5x3
Dumbbell Bent-Over Row 3x5

Endurance (no idea of rep scheme yet):

This doesn't include my running program. I will be doing LSD and/or tempo runs at least twice a week and sprints (or some other type of hard 'cardio') at least twice a week.

Any critques on my plan or any other plans anyone else would have would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I'm looking to be doing something M-F. Even if I only lift twice a week for example, I'm still going to be doing at least 5 days a week of 'cardio'. Most academies are 5 days a week and I need to get used to 5 days on, 2 days off versus a 3-1 schedule or something similar.
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