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Joe Birch
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Thursday (15/1/09).

Went to the park to have a kick about with some friends then managed to convince them to join me in a workout afterwards, after the footy which was fairly tiring i wanted about a 20 minute workout so did as follows:

10 rounds of 30m sprint, 5 pull ups, 10 press ups.
Had nothing to time with but i'd guesstimate in the region of 15-17mins.

Was nice to have a field to run on instead of a treadmill so may do all of my longer metcons at the park. I managed the pull ups unbroken every round but form was debatable by the end, had to break up the press ups in the last 3 rounds. Didn't feel as horrendous as yesterday after this one, but I did graze my knee in the park like a schoolboy... but unfortunately no yummy mummies were around to tend to me

Really keen to get and get a hoooooge tractor tyre and take it down the park to incorporate into these sessions!
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