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tom hurst
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Why not a modified westside template, just add the cleans on maybe dynamic leg day. Pick one accessory exercise and heavy ab work every day. Something like this

Mon- Max effort upperbody working up to a 1 rep max on bench or floor press
lat work( rows, pull downs), rear delt work( face pulls, reverse flys), tri work
(close grip bench, kickbacks, skull crushers)
Tues- Cleans (power, hanging), weighted box jumps, post. chain movement.
Wed- rest
Thurs-Dynamic upperbody 60% max bench 8x3 fast as you can move it. Then more
accessory work pick a different exercise than mon.
Fri- Max effort lowerbody, working up to a 1 rep max on oly squat, deadlifts, front
squats, single leg movemen (bulgarian split squats, step ups, reverse lunges),
posterior chain movement.

Eat alot, then eat more. Rotate your max effort exercises every 2-3 weeks, and work it so you'll be on your second week of squat and bench for competion.
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