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Originally Posted by Brian Lawyer View Post
Are you talking about in the pulling position or receiving? Is that a good thing or bad thing...

You were pulling the bar up partially in a reverse curl. Elbows should come up and out to the sides, then flip under quickly. My guess is that the reverse curl is not only less efficient but also slows down getting the elbows around the bar since the movement is constantly loaded. Possibly leading to bad/dangerous rack positions. But that's just what it looks like to me.

I think I see what you mean. Tell me if this is what you are talking about; my back angle to the floor changes significantly as my hips rise faster than my chest/shoulders. Would the correct form be that my back angle to the floor shouldn't change at all until bar clears my knees and I start the second pull and, if anything, the back angle should open up not actually become closer to the floor...This is probably a result of me focusing quite a bit during last nights work out on getting my Shins vertical or beyond vertical prior to the second pull. This was something my coach had pointed out Saturday and was having me work on.

You do need to shift position slightly at knee level, otherwise the barbell is going to have to scrape off your kneecaps going around. You don't want to shift too heavily, but it'll be necessary. However, you're shifting so early that you might as well be starting the pull as a high-hipped deadlift.
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