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Default De Vany and insulin 'sunburn'?

Thanks for all the free advice I have obtained from this forum!

Art De Vany says:

"Insulin spikes, particularly large ones, kill more receptors or damage or downturn or down-regulate receptor sensitivity more than does a lower but chronic amount. It's like life is built up with lots of shocks, and the big shocks will be the huge print on your genetic composition and your gene expression and on your hormone profiles and the sensitivities to those hormones.

So, for example, a transitory shock of insulin after a Thanksgiving meal, followed by a good dessert and maybe preceded by wine and followed by a liquor, that mark's left on your metabolism for a very long time."

Is this supported in any way scientifically? If true, it would seem to speak against a 5 day, 2 day split of paleo IF and more relaxed weekend eating. Intuitively the idea of receptor 'killing' doesn't ring true for me at all, though. Recovery from too much 'social eating/ drinking' seems fairly fast on a 5/2 cycle.
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