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Default Ice and the foam Roller

As of the last month or so I've hit a wall. My two new friends are the foam roller and ice. Now that's not to say I've not been friends all along. Just a little closer right now.
First my shoulder is kinda messes up. It's the front part of my shoulder. It seems like bicipital tendonitis. I was doing good for a while with it. I was unable to do jumping pullups because this cause acute pain (front closest to my arm pit. It felt better as long as I stayed away from hanging or swinging).
Then I lost my mind and did a bunch of snatches. Now my the affected area is my tri, bicep and deltiod. All the way down into my elbow. My mood sucks since I'm going to a cert in about a month. AAAGh!
OK, then we have the IT band and patella tendonitis. I've been rolling and icing. As much as possible. Taking my fish oil, resting and eating pretty well. In the mean time I'm losing ground and going to a CF cert...aaaagh. I feel a bit more on top of the patella tendons deal. It's all very frustrating.
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