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Thanks again for all of the advice so far!

I'm 21, 6'3", and 210.

Bench- 235
BS- 300 oly style a2a
FS- 255 a2a
Clean- 210
DL- 430

My #'s are all low for my weight and aren't going to be very competitive for the competition. Until about 2 months ago, I only benched about once a month so that has come u0p quite a bit. I've been lifting weights for about 2.5 years with the majority of the first 1.5 years being BB splits and never much focus on true strength. Then I hybrid crossfitted for a little while whith a heavy empghasis on strength before coming to the CA WOD with no oly experience. I've only been oly lifting for about 3 months and I've really been enjoying the technical aspects of learning the lifts. I have not had any coaching on the lifts, just been watching a ton of videos and I've bought Greg's book. I have yet to take video of myself and post that. I will hopefully do that next week.

I have not done a PL style squat in a long time, should I experiment with that to see if I can go heavier than my oly style? I only have to go parrallel for the comp.

Also, I started a creatine cycle last week. When is the perfrct timing for the creatine cycle leading up to a competition? The end of an on-phase? After a backoff week?

Like I said, their will probably be some strong guys show up in my weight class, but I love having a goal in front of me. My goal for this whole thing is to recognize where I'm at, make a plan to improve, and test the plan by the progress I make as seen by my #'s at the competition.
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