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Originally Posted by Joyce Behrendt View Post
If you consider that high blood sugar precedes the insulin spike then yes, there is permanent damage. Do some searches on glycosylation. The spikes are what cause the most damage to the eyes and toes. You are cooking yourself. The damage is insidious -- it builds up in small increments over time. Of course, the less often you have your Thanksgiving meal, then the less damage. Up until my 40's, I ate foods like candy, ice cream, bread, pasta, potatoes every day.
This is very true for those who have untreated type 2 diabities. Those who are untreated, and contiune to release insulin will damage and eventually kill all those beautiful very sensitive nerve endings in your feet, didnt know about the eyes.

However, this isnt the case for a single incident, especially in someone who isnt diabetic.

Besides, if you read too much into things, everything kills us. Microwaves, smog, red meat, etc etc.


But like Mike said, BB are probably some of the worst people to compare. I would not consider their life style very healthy at all even though they are working out and low bf or whatever.
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