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Michell Kaarne
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Thursday 8 January
No workout, had a fever.
Sunday 11 January
Snatch 50kg
C&J 70kg
Front Squat 80kg

Bent over row 42,5kg x 6 x 3
Good morning 42,5kg x 5 x 3
Thursday 15 January
Back Squat 70kg x 5 x 5 (was supposed to do 80 but 70 felt plenty heavy)
Push Press 50kg x 2 x 8
Bent over row 45kg x 6 x 3
Romanian deadlift 45kg x 6 x 3
DB curl & press 10kg x 12 x 3 (per arm)
Finished with some situps.
Saturday 17 January
Competition day. Weighed in at 69,75kg.

  1. 45kg (Failed Looked down, lost my balance and put my right knee on the ground.)
  2. 45kg
  3. 50kg
Clean & Jerk
  1. 65kg
  2. 70kg (Failed - Could/should have muscle cleaned it because the bar came crashing after me when I sat down to catch it resulting in me loosing balance and falling backwards.)
  3. 70kg (Failed Pressed the weight.)
Total = 115kg

Will have to do a lot better next time. Next competition is in five weeks (February 21).
Sunday 18 January
Hang C&J from 40kg to 65kg. Failed to hang clean 70 so I went back down and did a triple at 50 and a dpuble at 60.

Clean pull / dead lift from 80 to 115kg. Failed at 120kg.

Bent over row 40kg x 5, 40kg x 8 x 2
RDL 45kg x 6, 50kg x 6 x 2

GHD sit-ups 2x10, 1x6 (did some Russian twists in between sets)
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