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Some of Art's old Wo's-
20 squats with an empty bar (apparently 40lbs in Fred land), throw 45's on the bar as quickly as you can and perform 20 squats with 135, another set of 45's quick as you can, perform 10-12 reps with 225, another set of 45's quick as you can 3-5 reps with 315, step outside squat racks and perform jump squats to failure.

3-4 sets of incline DB press W/similar rep scheme

3-5 sets of pull-ups, a rep or two shy of failure.

2-3 days later Warm up deadlifts...then 5-10 reps with 2x+ BW on DL...8-10 seconds between each rep.

Medicine ball throws and some sprint work...something like 3-10sets of 50-100m sprints.

A couple days later a long hike wearing 40lbs of scuba weights. Other days playing basket ball, hitting softballs, or riding motocross.

I followed a "schedule" like this for...oh about 2 years. I added in some Olifts, gymnastics and KB's as I became familiar with them but it was quick, easy and produced nice results with regards to performance.

Looking back this is an interesting mix of almost HIT-esque metcon-ish WO's mixed with a bit of legit strength training...and all typically with full body movements like sprinting, DL's squats, Pcleans etc.

Limitations? One is not going to produce elite levels of either strength or metcon on this type of training...but one CAN produce some damn good results. One might make the argument that this type of training produces a remarkably high return on investment, perhaps not surprising considering Devany's background. It's tough to imagine many sports that necessitate more than a 2.5-3.0 BW DL to have a strength base that is sufficient. One can certainly achieve this level of strength on a schedule like this.

Alternately, if one needs more metcon, just do more CrossFit or Ross Enamait type work.

About a year or two ago a number of people were really giving Art a mountain of crap about his programming...that no elite strength athletes train the way he recommends. That may be the case but it's tough to argue with the minimalist approach given the obvious results.

Sorry, kinda rambling...
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