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Liam - Would you be talking about something like Mon - Front Squat, Wed - DL, Fri - OverHead Squat and just repeat that every week? I should not, I am not really a fan of BS, but I do love FS and OHS.

Patrick - My running is to get running for police academies. They are very militaristic in that they consist of lots of long runs. I was even looking at the CHP's website and they have a checklist of things to do before even applying, one of them is to be running a minimum of three miles a day three days a week. Most academies start the day with a long run and end it with one five days a week (and thats if you dont screw up and are forced to run again for punishment. Because of this I want to attempt to do a tempo or LSD run three days a week. I hate long runs, and know theyre not optimal, and Id much rather do intervals and sprints only, but I have to be serious, thats not an option.

Ive asked for help here before and got it, was doing a program I was given then for a while (Mon;Thur - LSD; Tue;Fri - sprints) along with bodyweight training, but I want to start working with heavy weight again and I also want to add another running day if possible mainly because I feel I should get used to running closer to the five days a week versus the two Im doing now.

One idea I had was to do a weekly switch between LSD/tempo and sprints, week 1 would be three LSD or tempo days and two sprint/interval days, week 2 would be three sprint/interval days and two LSD/tempo days. But Idk, something about that just felt off.

What you wrote is similar to an idea I had. M, W, F - do my upper body work (bench, MP, pullups, hanf cleans, etc) and Tue do a day with a heavy FS coupled with a light Good Morning and Thur do a day with a heavy dead and a light OHS or lunge.
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