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Default GG Hybrid good for CF Games prep?

I'm a very new poster to this forum, but have been lurking for years. What a wealth of information!

I've decided to give a go at the regional qualifiers for the CF Games. I have no delusions of grandeur, but I thrive with competition. The qualifiers are 14 weeks away.

Currently I train a 3-1-2-1 schedule. I'm 38, 5'3", 125#, about 13%BF. Here are some recent numbers:
DL 225#
BS 190#
SP 95#
1RM pull up BW+45#
Kip pull ups about 35
Fran 6:00
C&J 125#
Snatch no idea, really have problems with balancing the weight, but can get the weight high enough

I play on the rings a good amount (dips, Lsits, pullups, have only done 1 MU), but don't know enough about gymnastics moves, especially scaled for women, to be knowledgeable about it.

Thanks for any guidance/tips/advice.
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