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Joe Birch
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Saterday (17/1/09)


Squat: (1) 120 (2) 130 (3) 135k - maybe could have done 137.5kg but thought i'd stop after 3 attempts.

Press: (1) 60kg (only just) (2) 62.5kg (failed) - bit dissapointed with this was hoping for 65kg but was still fairly sore in the upper body so maybe had some effect.

DL: (1) 150 (2) 160kg (just)

Short metcon - scaled fran - 21-15-9 of 35kg Thrusters and pullups (did one jumping pullup followed by one kipped)

Time: 7:31 - quite happy with this as I did this workout before i did SS and it took me over 10 minutes with 30kg thrusters and all jumping pullups, just goes to show the extra strength helps significantly.
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