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Default DE/Speed training for strongman

First, thanks to Greg and Allen help starting this sub-forum. Hopefully we'll get lots of activity going on around here!

I'm about to start training in a more specific manner for my next contest. I'll be doing the WV state/regional strongman championships on April 18th. The events are:

Log press for reps @ 200
Truck Pull
Farmer's Walk @ 200 for distance
Partial DL @ knees for max weight
Stones 175-275

This is a light contest in general, and I'll be competing in the 200# class. On my first contest, which was fairly similar to this in some ways, the guys who did best were the quickest, not necessarily the strongest. It seems that this is the case for lightweights in particular.

I've never done any Westside style training, and I was considering implementing some DE work after reading this article: . Given that I need to be the guy moving submaximal the fastest (because it will be a long time before I'm the strongest), it makes a good bit of sense. I've been doing o-lifting for awhile, by my technique is the pits and I'm not progressing well, and would just like a change of pace.

My plan was to have a dynamic effort day, doing presses, dls, and squats, and have some ME stuff spread out over the week(Box squats, DLs from knee height, and log presses)

I don't claim to have a complete understanding of WS methods by any means, but I would like some feedback from people who have trained in this manner as to whether this is a good idea, and general experiences with DE work. Thanks!
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