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Now here's a question for Lincoln, Sumo and Blobert.
Coach has said like 40 times to me "Freedo - your a
strong guy..." "Freedo your a thick powerful guy..."
on and on.

Since he's coached world class lifters, does that mean
I'm strong now?

From Fred's recent post.

Man, if you know coach, if you know any coach...
I go back to an earlier comment- sports seem like a change in venue for him.
Seriously, it's kind of amazing. This guy is so out of his element. It's kind of sad. Has he never ventured into something new? I mean, getting to OLY, and things as challening as oly, are great because you enter into an area where your old standards disappear and you need to adopt the new ones. That's part of the challenge. But that's part of learning, admitting your ignorance and inexperience and opening yourself up to the new world. Shut your inner critic and listen. Listen to the people who have been doing it for years. Stick around and you'll see, you'll eventually get the jokes, you'll laugh at how silly your ideas were in the beginning, and become a bigger person for it all. But this guy, at least in his posts, and from his weird manners on the platform, is having real trouble adjusting. That this world is quite foreign to him and he lacks reference points for his really seems to be an issue. Just suck it up, listen, admit you know nothing, and keep at it.
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