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Rene Renteria
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Frank, strong work. I was wondering why you're choosing a squat weight on Monday, repeating it for the 3 workouts, and then upping the weight the next Monday, instead of bumping up the weight each workout. Have you found this works better for you? Is it just based on how you feel that day, and it's just turned out that way?

I've been doing a Starting Strength plan (with fewer workouts to accommodate soccer playing that has just ended) and want to stick with it for a while to see where I end up. When I was CrossFitting regularly, all my strength numbers were much higher than they are now, and I'm curious to see if this gets me back to that neighborhood or not (but more quickly). I'm a bit worried about sacrificing conditioning and about putting on weight, but I'm hoping to make some reasonable strength gains if I stick with the program.

Thanks for posting your workouts.

Best of luck with it,
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