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Some followup, now that I'm approaching 3 months:

IF rocks.

I've moved more towards 80% primal/paleo eating, and likely closer to 90%. Weight continues to drop, slowly. My big indulgence is the fact that I'm a complete and total beer nerd, and a homebrewer, so the daily beer almost certainly gets in the way of more serious changes. I know from an experiment in the fall that if I have a beer only on the nights when I *won't* be working out the next day, fat disappears far quicker. Gonna push myself to stick to this for the next two weeks to see what happens.

Also, as I continue to mostly avoid grains, I've noticed that when I do have them (in unfermented form), my nose starts running and stuffing up soon after. Mild allergy that's been blamed on dry houses/dust/springtime/etc. for years? Certainly seems that way.

I do need to sort out the right days to have food before my workouts -- I'm following Gant's hybrid program these days -- as certain lifts really seem to suffer in the absence of food. Although it could also be the absence of proper eating the night before, or a combination thereof. It's a balancing act with my wife still doing most of the cooking and unconvinced that this is the way to go...
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