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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
Brian -

Anything below high-hang, set the start position a moment before starting the lift. For high-hang, just down & up (i.e. dip and go) in the Burgener terminology.

The scoop does begin right as the bar passes the knees for many lifters - but ideally it shouldn't start until the bar is a bit higher - around mid-thigh. Try to find some video of Stefan Botev for a good example of this.
Hey Coach,
I came back to revisit this thread based on some discussions I have been having with Derek Maffett over on my 1/14/09 digital coaching thread. Now that we have clarified the "mid-hang" position versus the "hang"position, which I had previously referred to as RDL position, would the "Jump/Shrug" cue occur at the mid-hang position?

I ask because my coach doesn't seem to care about bar positioning for the "jump/shrug" cue. He is more focused on vertical shins or he has even mentioned shins beyond vertical...

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