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Anton Emery
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Default integrating the O-lifts

Hey Everyone,

I am a juijitsu guy but would like to learn how to O-lift. Mostly to improve my explosiveness, power, and strength, and also cause it just looks fun to do. I went to Greg Everetts O-lifting seminar last year and i would actually like to utilize what i learned.

So how to work it into my grappling training. I usually grapple 3 days a week, Tues, Thurs, and Sunday. I was thinking of doing Mike Burgener's beginner program, keeping things light for a while, and not doing the 4th day/max effort till technique is dialed in.

At Crossfit Portland i have access to what i feel is pretty good Olift coaching. The owners are knowledgeable, and one of the members is an Olympic lifter and a strength coach at a local university.

I could throw in a metcon fininsher a time or two a week so i dont become totally lazy.

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