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To answer your question a little more directly. It'd be fine for prep.

The one thing I would make a note of is that the Games last year involved 3 pretty brutal workouts one day and another the next. I would consider a periodized type of approach using a Hybrid for a while to build more strength and maintain or even improve in the shorter, more power biased metcons. I'm thinking "Fran" here where it's just pure horsepower with (ideally) no pacing.

Then another few weeks where you do the mainsite. I get the folks who say keep metcons under 5 minutes on average but, in my most humble opinion, that's not going to prepare someone for that type of competition.

In order to build your work capacity for an all day competion of qualifying (assuming a similar, but smaller, format to the Games) you'll need to work at greater than 5-10 minutes on occasion.

Just my two cents.
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