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Coach doesn't strike me as someone who would give a rats @#%$ about me quitting. And he's already got my 50 bucks.

AND I'll ignore the innuendo.

Funny - there is only ONE guy there with a kickbutt physique and he is not the strongest lifter but close. There are three other guys who to look at are average. Andrew Shortt would ridicule their physiques for sure. But the one guy 5'6 and 130 cleaned 190 - his personal best yesterday.

Does he look strong? Not at all. Is he?

I can't wait until I earn their respect with some decent lifts and then feel I have the rigth to talk to them about slow training for enhancing the strength they already have.
Just to clarify: the 5'6" guy weighs 67 kgs/~147 pounds. Not to take anything away from Jimmy's great accomplishment, but I'm not a fan of misrepresentation.

Also, in Coach Joe Triolo's defense, he may not in fact care that Fred never shows up again, but to think that money is Joe's primary motive is pretty offensive. For 100 dollars A YEAR (50 of which is for the Olift program), I'd like to see him find a better deal.

Then again who am I to judge, since I've got a physique worthy of ridicule
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