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A little behind on post. Did ME upper yesterday at work was shooting for 1 RM on floor press and stalled. Did 265x3 went for 270x1 and couldnt move it off the floor. Im hoping it was just the fact that its awkward doing floor press at the wkout area we have at the station. I have to set the bar on a bench while I get underneath and someone holds it and lifts it off for me since it is far behind my head. Rest of wkout went good even though I was not happy about the failure. Thinking of upping the volume on upper rep. days, I feel good, Im eating plenty, maybe to much as I am really getting some fat around the mid section. If I feel tired Ill back it off. Todays wkout

Floor press failed @270x1
Incline db press 2xmax 20, 20 50lb dbs
supersetted dumbell row 3x5 100lb db w/
incline reverse flys 3x15
Shrugs 3x12-15
supersetted alt. curls 2x15 w/
db skull crushers 2x15
elevated barbell pushups 1xmax 36
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