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Default 6 weeks is for real

I started working on Coach Sommer's book early december. Once Christmas break started, i came home and basically trained BJJ nonstop since i had nothing else to do. during this time of very extensive training, i kept up with the gymnastics as much as possible without overtraining (although i did overtrain a little). generally this consisted of the gymnasticbodies WOD and some extra work on statics. my static holds have all been progressively getting better, but i found myself pretty stagnant in my planche development. getting past the flat tuck just seemed to not happen.

today i walk into the gym and out of nowhere i'm hitting 10-15 second holds on straddle planches like i've been doing it for weeks. i remembered that in the book he talked about 6 week stretches going from overload to underload before the CNS adapted. this seems to be for real.

this may not be a big deal to some, but for a grappler who doesn't particularly need this skill, it's awesome.
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