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Phase II started today, but let me say this first:

Fu%#ing commercial gym people piss me off to no end. Cardio addicted asshats who barge in on my workout only to drip their sweat on my bench.
I hope they get facial jock itch.

There, I feel better.

Now, the workout was different and perhaps a little easier than phase I. The set/rep scheme is 3x12 with 3 movement supersets. Because there is no rest between sets, the heart rate stays up and the fatigue comes on a little faster. Because I have a pretty good background in CF, I think I can handle these sets a little better than the 20 rep sets from phase I. Probably explains the cockiness on my part.

Interesting thing from this workout was losing (by the way all of you, that's how you spell "losing," one "o"; not "loosing" which would mean not tight(ing). . .sorry to be a prick, but as an English teacher, it's like saying, "like" every other word. . .it gets on my nerves)(OK, I'm not sorry I'm a prick) . . .where the hell was I? Oh yeah, losing grip strength on the RDL's. RDL's come as movement #3 in the first superset. By the time you're pulling 12 RDL's at a modest (nay, light) 135, your grip is shot. Set three sucked the worst of all.

Superset 2 wasn't bad, but I suck at any benching, so incline bench presses will be my worst. I'm focusing on form and getting the full ROM as outlined in Afterburn. Step ups were part of this set and were done with a 25# plate.

New movement was the co-contracting lunge. They suck, but not as bad as Bulgarian split squats.

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