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Default Meal Size and Insulin Response

Hi all.

After skimming through Sears's book again, I came across a point he makes about meal size: he states that a large meal can also trigger an insulin response, regardless on how "zoned" it is. To what extent is this true?

I've dabbled with both Zone and IF, both of which where based in Paleo foods. I'm wondering if the insulin response of two big meals per day (e.g., 8 blocks per) or one really large meal per day (up to a lb. of meat!) was negatively impacting my insulin levels. I guess my question is simply how much of a response does this have? Would a large meal of steak and eggs have a triggered insulin kick? Seems odd to me. But, perhaps this is one area where the Zone's small portion sizes makes more sense than a OMPD.

I don't want to start a "which is better post" because I've tried both and have had progress of each. I think this is purely from a scientific standpoint, and what I think is an interesting difference between the two approaches. I have read, too, and understand that small meals spaced out through the day DOES NOT promote a "revved" metabolism--this is not about that!


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